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"Los Angeles is full of talented architects who design beautiful modern clean projects. The ones like Daniel, who are able to use their creativity to elevate their work in unexpected ways, are rare.

I gave Daniel the following directives: Rebuild a garage. Put a studio for viewing art on top of it. Make it work as a guest house too. Delight and enchant me.

What resulted is an amazing space: Balanced. Rigorous. Functional. Striking. And yes….enchanting.

Daniel and the Modal team were with me every step of the way, making sure the project was executed with great attention to detail and according to the design vision. I look forward to seeing what this young firm accomplishes in the upcoming years. "

Amoroso Client
Venice, CA


"Daniel was an absolute pleasure to work with in designing our home. He was extremely thoughtful and had the right balance of bringing his ideas and vision while incorporating our needs. Daniel's attention to detail was incredible. He has fantastic patience and is incredibly responsive. He made invaluable suggestions to keep us within our budget and demanded the highest quality work from our contractor. I am looking forward to designing and building our next home with Daniel."

Leonard Client
Los Angeles, CA


"Five stars is not high enough of rating from Daniel and his team. Modal Design, led by Daniel Monti, is the absolute best architectural firm my wife and I have every worked with.

His design work is smart, contemporary and exceptionally thoughtful. He and his staff are an absolute delight —highly responsive, exceptionally through, delightfully detailed. All calls and question were always answered in a timely and complete manner. Daniel listened closely to all our desires and dreams and then he created a solution for our home which not only exceeded our hopes but worked within the difficult confines of the city of Malibu. Daniel was not only our architect but served as our project manager. I can say without him running the show, we would of been months behind schedule and tens of thousands of dollars over budget. He handled the most difficult of situations with grace, poise and leadership. The perfect trifecta for an architect and project manager.

If you are looking for a firm with an incredible leader to create a new space, a new home or an office of your dreams, I urge you to give Daniel and his firm a call. My only regret is our project is now complete and I can’t find a new project fast enough so we can all work together again."

Russell and Meryl Kern
Malibu, CA