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How Modern Building Materials Impact Modern Architecture

Feb 21 2022
Modern architecture has typically embraced a clean, simple material palette. Learn how modern materials has impacted modern architecture.

The Importance of Detail in Modern Architecture

Feb 07 2022
Modern architecture is known for its clean lines and relatively simple execution, but detail plays an incredibly important role in achieving an effortless look.

5 Questions to Ask an Architect Before Working Together

Jan 17 2022
Before working with an architect, you need to make sure they’re right for the job. Here are 5 questions you should ask your architect before getting started.

5 Considerations to Maximize Space in a Small House or Plot

Jan 03 2022
Looking to maximize space in a small house or lot? These 5 considerations can help you achieve the goals of your remodel or new construction.

Why Trust is Key to the Client-Architect Relationship

Dec 20 2021
An effective client-architect relationship is built on trust. Here are 6 reasons it’s important to trust your architect when designing your custom home.
6 Modern Glass Home to Inspire Your Custom Home Project

6 Modern Glass Homes to Inspire Your Custom Home Project

Dec 06 2021
Glass can be used in a home to strengthen the connection to the outdoors, maximize sunlight, and much more. Here are 6 examples of modern glass homes for inspiration.

How to Incorporate a Courtyard Into Your Mid-Century Modern Home Project

Nov 29 2021
A courtyard is a great way to incorporate the outdoors into your modern home design. Here’s what to consider when planning your project.

4 Ways to Approach Multigenerational Living in Your Home Project

Nov 15 2021
Here are 4 considerations to keep in mind when designing a home that supports multigenerational living.

4 Multigenerational Homes to Inspire Your Residential Project

Nov 01 2021
Special care should be taken when designing a home for multigenerational living. Here are four multigenerational homes to inspire your design.

4 Characteristics of Modern & Contemporary Windows

Oct 18 2021
Windows play an important aesthetic and functional role in the design of a home. Here are four things to consider when designing your custom modern home.

Modern Roofs: 4 Factors to Consider

Oct 04 2021
When it comes to building a custom home, the roof can be easily underappreciated. Here are 4 factors to consider for a beautiful modern roof.

How & Why Architecture Shapes the Experience of a Space

Sep 27 2021
Architecture has a remarkable ability to make a person feel a certain way. Here are 3 factors to consider when designing your home.

5 Characteristics of Contemporary Architecture

Sep 20 2021
There’s a lot to consider when it comes to contemporary architecture. Here are 5 characteristics of contemporary design to leverage in your custom home.

Building a New Home Here are 5 Tips

Aug 16 2021
Bringing the dream home you envision to life is no small task. Here are five tips for building a custom home to help you plan ahead.

Daylighting in Architecture: Best Ways to Maximize Natural Light

Aug 02 2021
Here are several daylighting techniques and considerations to help you maximize natural sunlight in your home design.

Los Angeles Architecture: 4 Landmarks Still Influencing Design

Jul 19 2021
Los Angeles is known for its simple, honest take on modernist architecture. Here are four landmarks that are still influencing residential design today.