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Why Trust is Key to the Client-Architect Relationship

Trust is essential to forming an effective client-architect partnership. This is why it’s critical to make sure that the person or firm you ultimately choose to hire is someone that you feel you can trust with your project.

Here are six reasons it’s important to trust your architect so that you can evaluate potential partners and find the best fit for your project.

Why It’s Important to Trust Your Architect

1. They will apply years of experience to your project.

Architects have years of experience they bring to the table. In general, most architects have had four years of undergraduate education, while many have also completed two to three years of graduate education. Depending on their level of experience and years in the field, it’s likely they have worked in other architecture offices gaining additional knowledge, and have passed a state test to become a licensed architect.

With this extensive training and experience comes a deep knowledge of the way humans interact with space. A skilled architect will be able to apply this knowledge to your project in order to design a home that meets your family’s needs and create an environment that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

2. They will offer unmatched expertise.

Along with the skills and training architects have, they also have a keen understanding of the specific regulations and requirements that govern the building process.

How much does architect cost

An architect will have thorough knowledge of the zoning and building codes that your project will be subject to and thus will be able to see the big picture of what can and cannot be done on your site. Having your architect act as a consultant throughout the process of remodeling or building your custom home will help minimize delays and issues along the way.

3. They will help keep costs in check.

The fact of the matter is that remodels and new construction projects cost a lot of money. While hiring an architect will of course be an additional expense, having this key player on your team can ultimately lead to significant savings of time and money in the long run.

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An architect can help control costs as they relate your requirements and desires for your new house. Since a well thought out design including a detailed set of drawings and specifications can act as a roadmap for builders and other key players, the architect’s contribution ultimately helps make the construction phase of your project move more efficiently and effectively.

4. They will create value.

In terms of real estate, it’s no secret that good design sells. Whether you’re planning to design a home for a season in your life or create a family heirloom to be enjoyed for decades, an architect will strategically plan your design to maximize value.

Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home in the future, the value that an architect brings to your project is something that you’ll be able to enjoy regardless. If you do decide to sell your property, you’ll likely find that you’re able to maximize your returns.

5. They will guide your decision making.

To put it simply, an architect is there to make your life easier throughout your remodel or new construction project. The reality of these projects is that there are a lot of aspects that go into designing and building a home, and there will be thousands of small decisions to be made. Unfortunately, most clients don’t have time to decide on every last screw and nail that goes into the project.


An architect will help to streamline decision making by helping prioritize needs according to your budget, bring a vision to your needs, create a set of construction documents and detailed drawings, and much more. Plus, with their extensive knowledge of the construction process, they’ll also be able to call attention to small details that might otherwise be overlooked, further ensuring that your home is a space you’ll love for years to come.

6. They will bring your vision to life.

Finally, a trusted architect will bring your vision for your home to life. Although you likely have an idea of what you want your home to look like or what features you’d like to have included, an architect will be able to pull together all your ideas, wishes, and inspiration into a clear and cohesive design solution.

The Client-Architect Relationship is Built on Trust

Choosing the right architect for your project can feel like a challenging task. You’ll want to make sure you enjoy their approach to design, can appreciate their portfolio of past work, and can justify the value they bring to the table.

Most importantly, you’ll want to be sure that this is a person you feel that you can trust to design a space that you’ll call home.