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How to Choose an Architect: 5 Considerations

Apr 05 2021
Choosing an architect for your home design project doesn’t need to be intimidating. Here are 6 factors to consider and guide your project.
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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Modern

Mar 22 2021
Whether you are designing a new home or remodeling an existing house, there are many ways that you can make your home look and feel modern. Here are five.
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Remodeling vs New Construction: 4 Things to Consider

Mar 08 2021
Not sure if remodeling your existing home or starting from scratch with new construction makes more sense for you? Here are four factors to consider.
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How to Create a Modern Open Floor Plan in an Existing Home

Feb 22 2021
Interested in pursuing an open floor plan during your home remodel? You can! Here’s how to create an open floor plan in an existing home.
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Budget For Building a House: What You Need to Know

Feb 08 2021
If you’re creating a budget for your ground-up house or home remodel, there are some things you should keep in mind. Here are some important tips.

What Do You Need to Design & Build a House?

Jan 21 2021
If you’re designing a custom home, you may ask yourself: What do you need to build a house? Here are 5 key pieces of information you should have.
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5 Homes That Exemplify Modern Home Design

Dec 29 2020
Are you interested in modern home design for your residential project? Here are 5 houses that exemplify modern design.

Case Study: The Walnut House

Nov 20 2020
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The Walnut House — like Modal Design’s philosophy or critical framework — is a true representation of a “collision of opposites.
Wiley House by Philip Johnson

5 Inspiration-Worthy Mid-Century Modern Homes

Nov 13 2020
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Here are 5 inspiring examples of mid-century houses that continue to influence design today.
Multigenerational Home Design

Designing Homes for Multigenerational Use

Oct 23 2020
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What should you consider when planning a multigenerational home? Learn what factors have the greatest impact on the design and layout.